How My Suggested Meals works

MychewIQ will suggest meals, based upon your biometrics, to help you reach your health goals and optimize your daily MychewIQ score. The suggestions will take into account foods previously logged in the same day.


How The MychewIQ Optimizer Score System Works

A dietitian reviewed series of algorithms takes into account a user's biometrics, health goals, immune system requirements and recommended daily consumption of nutrients and converts it into an easy to understand daily score.

How The Personalized Prepared Meal Plan Works

Our Gourmet, Chef Curated, Healthy, Personalized Meals, prepared using all natural foods and ingredients with no antibiotics, no hormones, no growth drugs and no artificial sweeteners, will be delivered to your door fresh (not frozen) ready to heat and serve.

Please download our App to order our Personalized Prepared Meals. We say Personalized because you can select from alternate vegetables, carbs, legumes, fruits, nuts & seeds and dressings & sauces for your meals, in order to meet your needs and preferences. Each meal will have a QR Code on the label for easy uploading of the total meal's nutritional data into your App.

MychewIQ is a supporter of U.S. Family Farmers and Fishers. Get to know our U.S. Family Farmers and Fishers by downloading our App:

  • Our Oklahoma beef family farmer raises Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World grassfed, grass finished beef.
  • Our chickens are grown slowly on small family farms in Pennsylvania on an all-natural, 100% vegetarian diet, free of any animal by-products or synthetic additives, and were the first in the industry to be given the Certified Humane label which verifies the humane manner in which the chickens are raised, transported and handled.
  • Our Sustainably Harvested, 100% Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is supplied by a family fishing company that has three generations working in the company.


How Nutritional Content of Food works

Research our database of thousands of foods to better understand the nutrient content of each food and how they can help achieve health goals and prevent chronic diseases.

How Biometric Screening Analytics works

A MychewIQ subscription service that will help you track your blood work results and changes between test periods. Clinical laboratory tests, such as blood work, are one of the most effective means of determining health risks. A user can input their clinical blood work results in order to have the MychewIQ software analyze the data and suggest foods that will help improve the test results and health outcomes.

Perform quick and easy data-driven searches into the foods you have eaten that can affect your biometric screening results. Visualize which foods are positively impacting your blood work results and which foods are negatively impacting your blood work results.


How My Daily Data Analytics works

Learn about the various nutrients that make up the foods we consume and how they affect our health outcomes. See how data analytics can help you improve your MychewIQ score.

How Health
Goals works

MychewIQ will help you achieve your health goals by better understanding which nutrients in the foods we eat affect health outcomes.

MychewIQ will suggest foods on a daily basis that will help you achieve your health goals.

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